im wide awake and its morning
2007-07-28 at 1:08 p.m.

For a bunch of dumb kids I guess we were doing it right, or big, or something, I guess it wasn�t really right, though. For me it was the couch that sealed the deal. There was something wholly ironic and out of place about me owning a five thousand dollar couch. I think everyone else was more freaked out about all the fancy electronics, and the parking lot full of luxury cars. I mean we were all just a bunch of dumb kids, most of which didn�t graduate from high school, most of which didn�t have jobs, most of which didn�t bath properly. Everyone had to know this shit was stolen, but maybe they felt the same way as I did. Maybe they figured if you didn�t want it enough to keep it I should get it. In a weird urban sort of way I felt like a primitive man back then, living off the fat of the land, only now days the worlds gotten so fucking fat that my hunting and gathering produces Volvos and flat screen TVs. It was fun while it lasted I guess, but it was that bad sort of fun that everyone knows is going to give you a hangover.
I'm boring now but thats not so bad. I do regular kid things like drink to much and sleep around, and eat too many mushrooms. I have to admit its not the same, but its got is high points. Most of all I dont feel like I always need a nap any more, and thats nice.

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